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In 1995, Innovative Software Services, Inc. was started based on a simple request. Please build our organization a software application that will help us manage our local income tax processing. Build it so it adapts to our procedures, build it so it can be used by everyone and stand by us if we need help.

Since that date, ISSI has incorporated that philosophy into all of our products and services. As we’ve continued to add products into what has become the CitySuites series, we’ve never lost sight of the fact that technology should serve the user, not the other way around. We also saw a great need for local governments to efficiently manage the revenues entrusted to them by the citizens they serve. Providing tools and services that benefit the users and their citizens became the driving force behind the CitySuites series of products.

From our earliest days, ISSI has continued to invest its resources in product development. With clients in six states, the CitySuites lineup includes CityTax Local Income Solution, UBS Utility Billing and Management Solution as well as CityStreets - a Public Service Work Order and Asset Management Solution. Our most recent addition is U-Bill Advance, our electronic bill payment and presentment offer. With new products in development and our commitment to the very best in customer service, the CitySuites series will continue to grow and serve you well for many years to come. We believe that our products provide the foundation for our clients to succeed. It’s our people that make the products come alive.

We understand that the right software application is only a portion of the equation since we’re in the business of providing solutions for people. As we’ve continued to grow, our processes have been refined to deliver the best possible customer experience. Providing friendly, personal and professional service has given us the privilege of serving some of our clients for over twelve years and we look forward to continuing these relationships for many years.

We’re glad that you’ve chosen to visit our website today and hope to have the opportunity to serve you as a customer.

Rick Carpenter, President and Founder

Innovative Software Services, Inc.