CityTax FAQ's

Is there a demo I can install and try?

Because the system does require some level of training in order to effectively use the system, ISSI does not provide a demonstration CD.  However, ISSI or one of its authorized resellers will gladly provide the assistance for you to have the “hands-on” experience.

How much do I have to pay for software upgrades?

Software upgrades are included as part of your service agreement.  ISSI believes that customers that continually grow with the software are our best customers.  To help support this belief, ISSI has made it as easy as possible to stay current with the latest software release.

Is there a fee for technical support?

There are no fees associated with technical support as they’re included as part of your service agreement with ISSI.

How do I install the software and how long will it take to get up and running?

Installation is performed by a fully trained CitySuites technician or one of its authorized partners.  Since the installation is done by an experienced technician, software installation generally takes less than a day.  Our comprehensive training program expedites the time necessary to get up and running making you an experienced user in no time at all!!!

How do I get my old data into the new system?

Before any data is brought over to your new system, our conversion team meets with you to discuss your data conversion needs.  These conversations are used to determine what information is crucial to your operation and what is not.  It’s a good rule to bring over only the information that is necessary.

Can we make custom changes to the system?

Under most circumstances, the table-driven structure of CityTax makes custom programming unnecessary.  In those rare instances where a modification is necessary, our staff will discuss the issue with you.  If it’s simply a good idea that will benefit many of our customers, it’s been our policy to make these modifications at no charge at all.

Is source code available?

Source code will be made available to you in the unlikely circumstance that ISSI ceases operations.  Provisions have been made to place the source code in escrow.  Complete details on this subject are included as part of our contracts.

Can I produce letters, invoices, etc.?

With the built-in word processor, you can create and easily produce letters and communications of all types.  You can store the documents that you use regularly and automatically generate the documents based on your rules.

What version of Windows do I need?

CityTax supports all Microsoft supported Windows operating systems.

How much does your system cost?

System costs vary by location and depend on many factors including number of users, amount of data converted and amount of training required. As a general rule, our pricing structure allows smaller organizations to pay less for the system making it affordable for everyone.