We’re a small entity. Can we afford your software? Do we need all of the features?

CitySuites products were designed to operate according to your business rules and practices.  This structure has made the products equally effective for large and small organizations alike.  While smaller organizations may not require all of the features within the software, it’s comforting to know that the capabilities are available to you.  The price structure for CitySuites products are based primarily on the size of your organization so it’s affordable for all sizes.

Is there a demo I can install and try?

Because the system does require some level of training in order to effectively use the system, ISSI does not provide a demonstration CD.  However, ISSI or one of its authorized resellers will gladly provide the assistance for you to have the “hands-on” experience.

How much do I have to pay for software upgrades?

Software upgrades are included as part of your service agreement.  ISSI believes that customers that continually grow with the software are our best customers.  To help support this belief, ISSI has made it as easy as possible to stay current with the latest software release.

Is there a fee for technical support?

There are no fees associated with technical support as they’re included as part of your service agreement with ISSI.

How do I install the software and how long will it take to get up and running?

Installation is performed by a fully trained CitySuites technician or one of its authorized partners.  Since the installation is done by an experienced technician, software installation generally takes less than a day.  Our comprehensive training program expedites the time necessary to get up and running making you an experienced user in no time at all!!!

How do I get my old data into the new system?

Before any data is brought over to your new system, our conversion team meets with you to discuss your data conversion needs.  These conversations are used to determine what information is crucial to your operation and what is not.  It’s a good rule to bring over only the information that is necessary.

Can I use my existing bill format in the new system?

You can use your existing bill format or make changes that might have previously limited you with your existing system.

Can your system handle multiple companies or districts?

UBS allows you to manage multiple districts with the same software.  A distinct and separate database allows you to maintain records for an unlimited amount of organizations.

Can I provide a customer with a new copy of a previous bill?

You can easily reprint bills on demand with UBS.

Can I provide a receipt for walk-in customers?

UBS supports a variety of printing options including receipt printing.  The receipt may be as detailed or simplistic as you choose.