What types of services will your software support?

Our UBS system can handle virtually any type of service that your organization bills for including water, sewer, electricity, refuse, cable, and internet services.

Can I accept credit cards through your software?

Multiple payment methods, including credit cards, are supported.  With our UBill Advance product offering, your customers can receive emails to receive their bills, statements and pay instantly with their credit card.

Can I send a utility bill to the customer and the landlord?

Yes.  The system can be set to send bills or shutoff notices or both to multiple locations such as other family members.

Can a customer view their utility bill online?

Your customers can see their bills with our UBill Advance product. UBill Advance can send a customer’s bill by email, view the bill and make their payment all from the same screen. Your customers can view their bills at any time saving your organization time and providing better service for your customers.

Does your system support barcode receipting?

Absolutely.  Many of our customers use barcodes to greatly reduce the time needed for processing bills and increasing the accuracy of the payment information.

Does your system support CASS certification?

UBS easily provides the information in the necessary format to support CASS certification.  Contact one of our representatives to find out if CASS certification is right for your organization.

Will your system allow a customer to make budget payments?

With ease.  Simply put in the parameters of the budget arrangement and UBS will do the rest.

Can I store notes on a customer account?

There are multiple areas within the customer account for notes of all types.  There are even locations to place your local ordinances or step by step procedures throughout the program.

Can I produce letters, door hangers, etc.?

With the built-in word processor, you can create and easily produce letters and communications of all types.  You can store the documents that you use regularly and automatically generate the documents based on your rules.

What version of Windows do I need?

UBS supports all Microsoft supported Windows operating systems.