How much does your system cost?

System costs vary by location and depend on many factors including number of users, amount of data converted and amount of training required. As a general rule, our pricing structure allows smaller organizations to pay less for the system making it affordable for everyone.

How can I see a personal demonstration?

Contact Innovative Software Services, Inc. and we’ll be happy to come to your location or provide a demonstration over the internet.  Our presentation will be tailored specifically for your organization and is designed to be interactive.  We understand that every organization is a bit different as we’re looking to address the needs that are most important to you.

How long has your company been in business? How long have you been developing software?

Innovative Software Services, Inc. was established in 1998 with product development starting in 1995. A privately-held company, based in Eaton Rapids, MI, our company has enjoyed consistent growth and now has customers in six states.

What other programs do I need to work with UBS?

UBS is a completely self-contained program that includes the functions of utility billing, receipting and work order applications. It even has a built-in report writer and word processor functionality to easily create letters, forms, etc.

What type of database does UBS support?

Borland Interbase is reccomended for small entities that do not have an IT staff or the second option is Microsoft SQL Server for those sites that already have adopted this database as a standard.

Can we use one database and share it with all of the users?

UBS was designed to support a multi-user environment. With a single database, users can easily be added as your organization continues to grow.

Do you have one version for smaller entities and another for larger entities?

Because of its design, CitySuites applications can serve organizations of all sizes with the same software program. With a single version, support and enhancements are simplified enabling ISSI to provide the very best in customer care.

Does your software interact with other applications?

All of the CitySuites applications including UBS have been designed for maximum interoperability with other systems.