Can I print specific messages on a customer’s bill?

Individual messages can be printed on a customer’s bill.  You may use a standard message that was placed in the system or create a unique message.  Messaging in UBS is simple and powerful as you can print messages for a single customer or many customers.  Communicating with your customers is in your hands.

Will your system support bank drafts?

Electronic payments are made easy with UBS.

Will your system allow me to print mailing labels?

A complete word processing system is included with UBS making all forms of correspondence, including mailing labels, easy and efficient.

Can we make custom changes to the system?

Under most circumstances, the table-driven structure of UBS makes custom programming unnecessary.  In those rare instances where a modification is necessary, our staff will discuss the issue with you.  If it’s simply a good idea that will benefit many of our customers, it’s been our policy to make these modifications at no charge at all.

Is source code available?

Source code will be made available to you in the unlikely circumstance that ISSI ceases operations.  Provisions have been made to place the source code in escrow.  Complete details on this subject are included as part of our contracts.

Our municipality provides multiple services. Can we put them on a single bill?

UBS allows you to combine all of the services that you provide onto a single bill.  In addition, you can set your business rules to manage each service individually or collectively.

Does your system allow us to perform budget billing?

Budget billing can be instituted at any time in UBS.  Information contained within the system will allow you to provide budget billing for your customers with little effort.

What electronic meter systems does your system work with?

UBS will work with virtually any meter system currently on the market including Sensus, Neptune, Badger and a host of others.  Since electronic meters are a configurable setup in UBS, a new or different meter configuration can be established easily and quickly.   Contact us to find out if we’ve already worked with your current meter system.

Does your system allow us to track our meter inventory?

A key component of UBS is the inventory tracking system.  Inventory, critical inspection dates, service dates and other features are included as part of the standard UBS package.

Does your system allow us to produce work orders?

A work order system is included as part of the standard UBS package that will enhance the service to your customers while greatly reducing the effort for your organization.